Matthieu Lechowski
Film music composer


Magic, emotion, fun...


music / 2020

Happiness, innoncence, emotion...

Short Film Festival of Saint-Maur

teaser / 2019

Action, heroism, emotion...

Capitaine France

short film / 2018

3rd best score at Jerry Goldsmith Awards

Scary, fantastic, emotion...

The Shroud

short film / 2018

+90 awards, including 3 for music

Softness, serenity...

North Atlantic Right Whale

tests for documentary / 2018

Emotion, love, poetry...

Transatlantyk Competition (Lichen)

short films / 2017

Action, heroism, adventure...

Screen Cowboy

short film / 2017

30 awards, including 1 for music

Emotion, jazzy, fantasy...

L'ours de bois

short film / 2017

Comedy, cynical...

IFMC compet. (Tamah)

short film / 2017

Desolation, action, courage...

M. Hamlisch contest (Ocean Maker)

short film / 2017

Strange, scary, shifted...

Compet. UQAM Montreal (La Vallée)

short film / 2017


Comedy, crazy...

Ingenious but totally useless

orchestra / 2016

Dance, emotion, finesse...

The Wire Fence

ballet scene / 2016

3rd prize at Concorso 2 Agosto

Emotion, adventure, strange...

IFMC compet. (An object at rest)

short film / 2016

Romance, cartoon, action...

M. Hamlisch contest (Jinxy...)

short film / 2016

Pressure, sickness, mystery...

L'ombre d'un autre

short film / 2015

29 selections in festivals, including Aubagne

Mystery, tenderness, fear...


short film / 2015

Lightness, drama, experimental...

Sous les projecteurs

short film / 2015

Fairy tale, cartoon, emotion...

Blue honey

short film / 2015

11 awards and + 110 selections in festivals

Action, delirious, sexy...

IFMC compet. (The Control Master)

short film / 2015

Fairy tale, mystery...

Oticons Faculty Competition

film music / 2015

10th prize

Melancholy, elegance...


guitars / 2015

Magic, adventure, emotion...

M. Hamlisch contest (Flip)

short film / 2015

Humour, cartoon, lightness...

When the cat is not there...

small orchestra / 2015

Melancholy, softness, mischievous...

Small pieces

chamber music / 2015

Peace, melancholy, wonder...

Je suis juste là

short film / 2015

Slowness, delicacy, shine...

A whale goes over...

orchestra / 2014

Ranked 2nd @ Underwater Festival

Nostalgia, action, emotion...

Compet. HMW-VSL (Benjamin Button)

scenes / 2014

Fantastic, action, fear...

IFMC compet. (Maximall)

short film / 2014

Burlesque, romance, chases...

Un duello allo Schrapnel

short film / 2014

3rd prize at Concorso 2 Agosto

Energy, unreal, mystery...

Audi Talents Awards

3 short films / 2014

Humour, excitement...


short film / 2014

Fantasy, energy...

Cap Digital

ad / 2013

Jazz RnB, dynamism, joy...

Voyage nocturne

short film / 2013

Marching band, rhythm, melancholy...

Tous en choeur

short film / 2013

Nominated for a Music award

Lightness, joy, enthusiasm...

Child musics

misc. / 2013

Carelessness, mystery, wonder...

Compet. "10 years of UCMF"

short film / 2013

Among the 12 finalists

Sparkles, peace, magic...

Lights under waves

competition / 2013

Ranked 3nd @ Underwater Festival

Greatness, mystery...

Roads of Mljet to Gudauri

painting / 2013

Peace, melancholy, delicacy...

August evening, last ray, Ligachevo

painting / 2013

Lightness, comedy...

First adventure of a gobelin

competition / 2013


Sickness, sensuality, perversity...


short film / 2013

1 award and 9 selections

Loneliness, melancholy...


short film / 2013

3 awards and 10 selections

Cartoon, joy...


short film / 2013

Cartoon, comedy...

Exercise of stop-motion

short film / 2012

Rhythm, lightness, colors ...

Orchestrations from Jacques Ibert

band orchestra / 2012

Melancholy, emotion...

Pieces for piano

piano / 2012

Torment, strange...


orchestra / 2010

Melancholy, emotion...

Trio piano, cello, bassoon

chamber music / 2009

Comedy, lightness...

Toute première fois

short film / 2009



piano / 2009

Mystery, thriller...

Raconte-nous une histoire

short film / 2009



short film / 2008

Melancholy, anger, emotion...

Piano CD n°2

piano / 2006-2008

Melancholy, anger, emotion...

Piano CD n°1

piano / 2005-2007


  • Matthieu Lechowski
  • Morienval

    Before 1996

    A musical childhood

    I start piano at 5, then at 13 I become organist of few villages of my native Oise (Morienval, vallée de l’Automne...) and I begin to write my first compositions.



    A scientific detour

    Without knowing exactly why, I take a scientific way, going to a PhD in Particle Physics, on the ATLAS experiment at the collider LHC of CERN.

  • CRR Paris rue de Madrid


    A slow return to the roots

    But my true passion is music. I finally assume it in 2006 in beginning 7 years of studies to the Conservatory of Paris.

  • Repéreur, AR, vvvv

    In parallel, I work from 2006 to 2009 as a film technician (assistant director, scout locator, stills photographer...), then from 2010 to 2012 as software developer for museography and events.

  • CRR Paris logo


    A new beginning

    Graduate in Harmony and Orchestration (DEM), I can focus full-time to music : I become at 35 a « young » film music composer.

  • Cubase

    Since 2013

    Film music composer

    I wrote the music of 16 short films, like "The Shroud" (more than 50 awards, including 3 Best Music awards), "Blue Honey" (9 awards and more than 110 selections in festivals in the world), or "L’ombre d’un autre" due to one of my 3 selections at the SACEM workshop 3rd character of the "Festival d’Aubagne". I also won several prizes in composition contests.

  • Partition


    I'm ready... write the music of your movie !

Matthieu Lechowski

+33(0)6 63 29 10 02